About Sabore

A Quick Intro

Sabore is born in full christian family total of 4 siblings, he is the third born very ambitious and not afraid to take risks. He is married to the most beautiful and wonderful wife Alice Njoki with 2 wonderful daughters Sian and Naserian. A computer tech and graphic designer with a great eye in photography…. My mum called me Joe but I prefer Sabore Noah. J, put a camera in my hands and I would do my best to “frame you then shoot you and finally hang you on my wall” how is that for a passion. Been doing photography since sometime in 2011. Majorly shooting landscapes, events, people, weddings, babies, products and everything in between. Yes am the guy you see chasing sunsets also the same guy you might see at your friends or your wedding shooting with passion.

My photography aims to “Merge Art with Smile”. Armed with that mission I use my graphic designers skills to bring out the best of everything in my viewfinder range. I document, portraits and tell stories with pictures and this is where I lay skills. Oh I almost forgot to tell you this, I do not take myself serious thus am always open to suggestions. I believe being serious with oneself is a mind block and friends block.

Finally “I can get thing done and done right the first time”…

I really appreciate your critique both for the website and my work use our Contact Us link to leave a message I promise you when am not shooting then definitely I will be replying to your responses.

“Please please English is a third language to me allow my spelling and grammar mistakes pass… did I say please….”

Thank you,

Sabore Noah. J
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